Alaska Princess Pageant


"Thank you for showering gifts and praise on our beautiful girls they all feel like princesses!" ~Julie Tucker Higbee

We’re a one of a kind natural pageant with a goal to create future confident leaders in our community

For the 5th year in a row, the Alaska Princess Pageant seeks to provide an amazing pageant experience for young girls in Alaska. We strive to provide a lighthearted environment for your child to comfortably enhance their personality, confidence and poise. This will reflect the natural beauty within that we are looking for. Be prepared for your child to meet many new life long friends at the Alaska Princess Pageant, where the day is all about them!

No Experience Necessary.

  • Build confidence
  • Instill self-esteem
  • Promote personality
  • Gain friendship

"My daughter was a contestant this year and we loved every minute of it. Pageants allow our little girls to build a great self esteem. The Alaska Princess Pageant was a well organized, wonderful experience and we are excited to participate again next year." ~Brittany Hunziker

"It was such a sweet and fun pageant!" ~Stephanie Wall

"This was my first year at the pageant summer 2013. I enjoyed everything about it and seeing all the little girls get dressed up. The smiles on their faces were so bright! My niece entered and I look forward to seeing her participate in this event again next year. Great work Brandi and thank you for making this opportunity for Fairbanks happen! You are amazing!" ~Jessica LaBlanc

"This is exactly what Fairbanks needed. What an amazing event! The event brought families together and the kids loved it. Can't wait for many more to come."  ~Henry Berroa

"Fairbanks has a lot of beautiful girls that are princesses and it was so nice to give them an opportunity to shine. My daughter had so much fun and met some new friends. Congratulations to all the girls." ~Tresha Briggs Nash


Saturday June 3rd, 2017


Alaska's Princesses in mind...

"Thank you, it was fun. You did a really great job... Made lots of little ones feel really special!!! We look forward to next year." ~Starr Ganatta

"This pageant was not just about natural beauty, it also helped instill confidence and helped bring out certain traits in my daughter. It's simply a fun family event!!"  ~Danielle Fenton

"Amazing event! Something new  and fun that Alaska needed to bring the girls together enjoy and experience  It's also the perfect event girls to get all dolled up." ~Jaclynn Batchelder


Raves and Reviews

"This is just what Fairbanks needed, a real and legit way for our little princesses to show off and and have fun. No little princess left feeling sad, they all had fun and felt accomplished which is what we all want for our little Alaskan Princesses!" ~Deanna Marie

"Very Fun! "~Stevie Cheney