Alaska Princess Pageant


A Little About the Director...

"I sincerely believe it is important to help enhance our daughters self-esteem, individuality, and leadership ingenuity. I saw an opportunity to share a method that has supported my own child develop a confident and outgoing personality. Pageantry can be a positive, fun, and self-assertive tool for a child to show self expression. With new ideas and upcoming events, I hope to see thriving growth as the community continues to come together, share the fun, and support our young girls of Alaska! "


Welcome to the Directors corner...

Brandi is a born and raised Alaskan. She Grew up on the outskirts of Fairbanks on Old Murphy Dome Road. At the curious age of 26, she ventured off to Las Vegas to pursue new opportunities in the ever booming beauty industry. In 2011, Brandi was introduced into the pageant world by colleagues while completing her education in Aesthetics at the Euphoria Institute of Beauty, Arts, and Sciences. After attending numerous pageant events with her daughter Niayla, Brandi decided to bring her experiences and skills in pageantry back home to Alaska with the goal of expanding. Brandi is now the proud owner and operator of the Alaska Princess Pageant and organizes her events from Las Vegas, Nevada where continues her education, explores fresh new ideas and grows her network daily.